How do you tag multiple friends on Instagram?

If you’re uploading a video, tap on the Tag People option and you’ll be able to add the tags of people below the video. To add multiple people, simply tap anywhere on the image again and you can add another person. You can tag up to 20 people per post.

How do you tag 3 friends on Instagram?

Go to the photo or video, then tap (iPhone) or (Android) in the top right. Tap Edit. Tap Tag People, then tap on someone in the photo. Start entering their name or username and select them from the dropdown menu.

Can you tag more than one person in an Instagram story?

In each Story, you can tag up to 10 other accounts.

Why can’t I tag multiple people on Instagram?

There’s a limit to how many people you can tag in an Instagram post because Instagram wants to reduce spam on their platform. If you want to tag more than 20 people, you can either mention the people in the caption or the comments of your post.

How many accounts can you tag on Instagram caption?

You can tag up to 20 accounts in a post on Instagram, according to Social Buddy. Additionally, the Instagram help center notes that you can’t include more than five “@ mentions” in a single comment on the site.

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How do you post together on Instagram?

How to post a photo to multiple Instagram accounts at the same time

  1. Open Instagram.
  2. Select the plus sign in the upper right hand corner. …
  3. Select the photo or photos you wish to post.
  4. Select “Next” …
  5. Look for “Post to Other Instagram Accounts” …
  6. Tap the white circle surrounded by gray next to the accounts you want to post to.

Can you tag someone who is not your friend on Instagram?

When you tag someone in a post, who doesn’t follow you and you are having a private account, they won’t receive any notification… They will still receive a notification that you tagged them even if they aren’t following you on Instagram.

How do you tag more than 10 friends on Instagram?

There are two different ways to add hashtags to your stories. One is by using the hashtag sticker (you can only add one hashtag with this method), and the other is by using the text tool and simply typing your hashtags out (you can add up to 10 hashtags using this method).

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