How do you find deleted drafts on Instagram?

Out of the many options revealed on the Settings page, choose “Account”. The Account option will be equipped with various options. Scroll down to find the “Recently Deleted” feature. If the user’s recently deleted Instagram reels are present there, they will be able to access it easily.

Can you recover deleted drafts?

Deleted Drafts cannot be recovered. They do not go to the Trash can for 30 days like deleted emails, so there’s nowhere to recover them from.

Do drafts get deleted on Instagram?

You can delete drafts on Instagram if you no longer want to keep them. It’s easy to delete multiple drafts at a time — just select all the drafts you want to delete and tap “Discard Posts.”

How do I find discarded drafts in Gmail?

Use the Undo button

When you discard a draft in Gmail, you will get a small popup at the bottom left corner of the email with an “Undo” button. Just click on this “Undo” button and the draft will be immediately recovered.

How do I retrieve a deleted draft email on my Iphone?

Go to and log in using the same Apple ID and password used to create the Draft. Once in, go to Mail and look around for Recently Delated folder. It might be recoverable for there.

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Why can’t I find my drafts on Instagram?

Update your Instagram app

Check if you have the latest version of Instagram installed on your phone. If there is an “Update” button, press on it. Some people said that updating Instagram recovered their Reels Drafts. If you have the latest version and your Reels are still gone, let’s go to step 2.

How do I recover a deleted draft on TikTok?

To find out how to recover deleted TikTok drafts, open the app and tap the “Profile” icon. Then tap on the three dots or three dashes at the top of the screen and then choose “Privacy”. Then choose the option “Download your data”.

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