How do I find old friend requests on Facebook?

Navigate to the “Find Friends” section. Press “Friend Request” from the list of options. Choose “View Sent Requests.” You’ll now get an overview of all the requests you’ve sent that haven’t been accepted yet.

How do I see friend request I denied on Facebook?

Look at the gray button next to the person’s name. If the button reads “Friend Request Sent,” the person has not yet accepted or declined your friend request. If the button reads “+1 Add Friend,” the person denied your friendship request.

How do I find deleted friend requests?

Facebook does not offer a way for you to see friend-requests that you previously rejected explicitly or deleted. If you have “following” activated, and if the person who you declined didn’t unfollow you (manually), you should find that person in your followers, from where you can send a friend request.

Do Facebook friend requests expire?

As you may know, Facebook friend requests accumulate over time but they never expire. This means any requests received remain in your friend requests unless you either accept them or delete them.

Can you undo a deleted friend request?

You typically can’t undo it. But nothing is stopping you from sending a friend request to the person whose request you declined. Just tell them you slipped on the keyboard and hit the wrong answer.

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What happens when you delete friend request?

When you delete a friend request, Facebook promises that the sender won’t be notified. But they might send you a new request. If you can’t get rid of them, you can use either the Find support or report offline or Block options, available from the three-dot menu, to prevent further friend requests from that person.

Why does a friend request disappear?

There is no stricter setting than “Friends of Friends” being able to add you as a friend. The only time the button disappears when you have mutual friends with someone, is if you sent them a request before than they denied the request and chose the option to block future requests from you.

Can you delete friend requests on Facebook?

Tap at the top of your News Feed. Type the name of the person you sent a friend request to. Go to their profile by selecting their name when it appears. Tap Cancel.

What happens when you send a friend request on Facebook and they delete it?

When you delete a friend request, the person who sent you the request isn’t notified and can’t send you another request for one year. If you block someone they can’t send more friend requests.

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