How do I delete instant form on Facebook?

How do you delete a lead form?

Click on the garbage can icon to delete a lead form.

How do you edit a form on Facebook?

In the left-hand navigation, click Lead Form. Click on the form you’d like to edit. You can now click Edit. Make your changes and click either Save draft or Finish form.

What is an instant form Facebook?

When you create an Instant Form for your lead ad, the default option optimizes for More Volume. This type of form makes it easy for people to quickly submit their information on a mobile device, which often results in a larger number of leads.

How do I edit a lead form on Facebook?

Edit an Instant Form draft

  1. Begin to create an Instant Form for your lead ad.
  2. At the Ad level, scroll to the Instant Form section. A list of all current forms appears.
  3. Hover over the form you want to edit.
  4. Click the Edit button. …
  5. Make the edits you want, then click either Save Draft or Publish.

What is Facebook full form?

The Full form of FACEBOOK is Face (photos) and Book (file) to share wid ur frnds, or FACEBOOK stands for Face (photos) and Book (file) to share wid ur frnds, or the full name of given abbreviation is Face (photos) and Book (file) to share wid ur frnds.

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How do I create an instant form on Facebook?

How to Create an Instant Form to collect leads directly on Facebook/Instagram

  1. Name your form. …
  2. Choose a Form Type – More Volume or Higher Intent. …
  3. Edit the Intro. …
  4. Choose the questions you want the user to answer. …
  5. Link to your Privacy Policy. …
  6. Customize the Thank You Screen. …
  7. Check your form settings. …
  8. Set your Form Configuration.
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