Frequent question: Does someone have to accept you to follow them on Instagram?

If you make your Instagram account private, you need to approve people before they can follow you on the social network or see your posts.

Can someone not allow you to follow them on Instagram?

Yes. An account doesn’t have to be following you on Instagram for you to be able to block them. The process for blocking an account that doesn’t follow you is the same as the process for blocking an account that does. … Open the Instagram app.

When you request to follow someone on Instagram and they don’t accept?

However, it seems that some folks out there only discovered the hidden feature recently, which is now dubbed as the “reject folder” on Instagram. Knowing if someone has yet to accept your follow request or blatantly decided to ignore it requires users to visit the profile of the person that they followed.

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Why am I restricted from following someone on Instagram?

Instagram requires you to wait a certain period of time before you can follow the next account in an effort to prevent spammers and bots from becoming too pervasive on their platform. Sometimes users get into an aggressive mode and quickly follow dozens of accounts, like when opening a new account.

Why am I suddenly not following someone on Instagram?

It is possible that you may have had spam accounts following you and instagram deletes spam accounts as soon as they are found out or reported which is possibly why you had a drop in followers. “Instagram deleted millions of accounts in spam purge.

How do you know if someone has rejected your Instagram request?

Yes you can figure out if someone has rejected your request. When you push the button to follow someone, the button turns to “requested”, after while if you come back and see that the button turns again to “follow and blue” it means that He/she has unfortunately rejected your follow request.

How do you know if someone rejected your follow request on Instagram?

And typically, people could find out if their follow request was ignored by revisiting the person’s profile. If their profile still says “Requested,” it means they haven’t accepted nor rejected you. If their profile says “Follow” again, it’s likely they’ve rejected your request.

When someone accepts your follow request but doesn’t follow you back?

Originally Answered: What does it mean when your crush accept your request but don’t follow you back? It means, She is not aware that you have a crush on her, and that you are interested in her. Some girls also accepts the requests just to increase their number of followers.

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How long does Instagram restrict you from following?

The temporary block is the most common action block implemented by Instagram. It usually lasts up to 24 hours. You may get it after you break some of Instagram’s terms of service.

What is the Instagram Follow limit?

Instagram Follow/ unfollow limit

The daily limit is 200 a day. 10 follows and unfollows per hour would keep your account safe and saves your account from being suspended. Also, there is no limit on how many people can follow you.

How many violations does it take to get banned from Instagram?

You can take more than 140 actions per day. Such repetitive activity can come from a spam account, which is why the platform issues a warning by blocking the action. Shadowban—When you use banned tags or post too much, your account can be shadowbanned.

Can you soft block on Instagram?

On Instagram, the same procedure works, and there are other types of softblocks too. For instance, you can hide just your Story from certain people. They won’t even know what they’re missing. In most cases, softblock is just blocking and then quickly unblocking.

How do I know who stalks my Instagram?

Unfortunately, there is no way to find who viewed your Instagram profile or account or find an Insta stalker visiting your profile. Instagram cares about users’ privacy and does not let you track your Instagram profile visitors. Thus, it is not possible to check an Instagram stalker.

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