You asked: Why does Instagram not show all my photos?

If your Instagram pictures are not showing up, go back to Google Play Store or App Store and check whether any update is available or not. If there is an update available for the app, update it immediately. Often times, this resolves the issue.

Why are all my pictures not showing up on Instagram?

Hi, it might be an issue with permission while installing the app. You might have denied permission to photos or media. So go to settings, then permission, then tap on Instagram. U just need to check the box to media and save.

How can I see all my photos on Instagram?

After you’ve tapped on a gallery-type post, all you have to do is swipe to scroll through all the pictures. The dots running along the bottom of the image (seen to the right here) you’re currently looking at indicate both the number of images in the slideshow and which image you’re viewing.

Why can I only see 12 of my pictures on Instagram?

The reason you may see a limited number of photos in your feed is because it shows recent photos shared by people you follow. Some of the photos you may have seen in feed when you first signed up for Instagram are no longer shown here because they’re older and have been replaced by new photos.

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Why doesn’t Instagram show photos in my library 2021?

because of some Instagram rules. the Percentage of the number of followers and number of post that they share should be near. If it doesn’t happen you can’t see their post in your library. so you should like their post and have a good engage with them to see their post.

Why are my Instagram pictures not saving to camera roll?

If your photos are not saving after turning ON the setting “Save Original Photos”, then make sure that you have enough storage space on your phone. To check storage space on Android phone, tap “Settings” app and then tap “Storage”.

How can I download all my Instagram photos at once?


  1. Open Instagram on your device and tap on the three horizontal lines to open the Menu.
  2. Go to the Settings (small gear icon).
  3. Tap on “Account” -> Original Photos.
  4. Once there, just toggle the button so it’s enabled. This will save all of the photos you post on Instagram on your camera roll.

Why are new posts not showing on Instagram?

An Instagram Access Token is a special key that gives your website access to your Instagram account. But if your token is outdated, then your website can’t fetch data from Instagram. As a result, your Instagram feeds will not show new posts.

Why doesn’t Instagram show my posts to all my followers?

When people follow you, Instagram knowns they would like to view your content. So even if Instagram doesn’t show your posts to a majority of your followers at first, it may get picked up by the algorithm and end up on your followers’ feeds later on. So try waiting a day or two before posting again.

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