You asked: How do you have a private conversation on Instagram?

Tap below the post you’d like to send. Select the person or group (up to 32 people) from the list below or tap Search to search for someone. Add an optional message at the bottom, then tap Send. Note: When you send a private account’s post as a message, only people who follow that account will be able to see the post.

How do you talk to someone privately on Instagram?

How to message someone from their Instagram profile page

  1. In the Instagram app, find and open the profile page of the person you want to message.
  2. Tap “Message.” …
  3. Enter the message and add an image, video, audio, or Giphy if you want.
  4. When you’re ready to send it, tap “Send.”

Can you have secret conversations on Instagram?

Unfortunately, regular Instagram users don’t have the option to hide messages in their inbox. However, you can long-press on a message thread to delete them or mute the thread, so you won’t receive notifications.

How do I send a private message?

Send a direct message to someone in a space in Chat

  1. Go to Google Chat or your Gmail account.
  2. On the left, under “Spaces,” select a space.
  3. At the top, click the space name. View members.
  4. Point to the person’s name and click More. Message.
  5. Enter your message and then click Send .
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Can you hide messages on Instagram without deleting?

Go to direct on Instagram. You can see two tabs on direct primary and general. You are all chats is in primary tab if you want to hide chats on Instagram then you want to move that it into to general tab.

How do I send a private message on next door?

Open the Nextdoor for Android app. Tap in the top right corner. Tap Private Message.

  1. Select Directory toward the bottom of the lefthand menu.
  2. Locate the neighbor(s) you want to private message in the directory.
  3. Click Message to the right of their name.
  4. Enter a subject and message.
  5. Click Send.

What is a DM on Instagram?

You can view and manage direct messages from the Instagram app for Android and iPhone or Instagram Lite app for Android. To see a direct message someone sent: 1. Tap or in the top right of your feed.

What does PM mean on Instagram?

A private message, personal message, or direct message (abbreviated as PM or DM) is a private communication channel between users on any given platform.

How do you see hidden conversations on Instagram?

The good news is that these hidden messages are easy to find.

  1. To see if you have any hidden Instagram messages, tap the inbox icon at the top right of the app. …
  2. If you have any hidden messages, a little blue bar will appear at the top of your inbox saying you have “message requests.”