Why are my twitter ads not running?

Why is my Twitter ads not running?

You’ve reached your credit limit

When your reach your credit limit, all campaigns will be halted. To view your credit limit, click on your account name on the top right corner of ads.twitter.com, then click “Billing history” from the drop-down menu.

How long does it take for Twitter ads to start running?

less than intuitive. Here are five things you need to know about Twitter ads before using the platform. Very often, ads will get stuck in a Twitter purgatory of sorts. Twitter recommends that you create ads 48 hours before they are scheduled to go live.

Why are my ads not active?

The main reason why Facebook Ads do not run is if, its pending approval, the Ad is set inactive, the Ad Set is inactive or the campaign is inactive. However, if you have confirmed that all these are okay then the issue could be that your budget is too small or you are targeting too narrow.

What does exhausted status mean on Twitter ads?

For a Twitter campaign to be exhausted you’ll need to set a total budget for that specific campaign. The campaign will stop running once the total budget you’ve set to your campaign has been exhausted.

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How do I run Twitter ads?

Create your Twitter Ads account

  1. Go to Twitter.com.
  2. Log in to the account that you want to promote Tweets from. …
  3. Once logged in, go to ads.twitter.com.
  4. Select your country and time zone. …
  5. You’ll be brought to the campaign setup form or Twitter Promote Mode setup, depending on your choice at step 4.

Why did Twitter halt my ad?

Wondering why your campaign is showing as “Halted”? When your campaigns reach their credit limit, they will show as “Halted” until you’re billed and the charges are paid. To un-halt your campaigns, simply pay your charges.