How do you quote a tweet without typing anything?

1] Just click or tap on the Retweet button on Twitter’s website or on Twitter mobile app. 2] Twitter will now show you the ‘Quote Tweet’ dialog box asking you to add a comment. 3] Now, just don’t type anything here and click or tap on the “Retweet” button.

How do you quote a tweet without words?

So how does it work? Simply click on the retweet button, and choose the ‘quote tweet’ option from the pop-up. This will then slide the tweet into your post – showing a small version of it in the stream almost like a thumbnail – but crucially not using up any characters.

How do you manually quote a tweet?

Launch the Twitter app, sign in to your account, then choose a tweet you’d like to quote tweet. Within this tweet, tap the Retweet icon. A menu pops up from the bottom of the phone screen—tap Quote Tweet. You’re taken to another screen.

How do you quote a retweet without commenting?

To retweet without quote tweeting, just don’t add a comment. Simply hit retweet the icon on the tweet and then the retweet button from the pop-up composer. You can totally skip the add your own comment/media bit.

How do you tweet without anything?

If you click and select the blank field in the tweet, the selected area in blue colour will show at least five lines, including one with a rather short length.

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How do you Twitte on Twitter?

How to Tweet

  1. Tap the Tweet compose icon. Compose your message (up to 280 characters) and tap Tweet.
  2. Tap on the Tweet compose icon. …
  3. Type your Tweet (up to 280 characters) into the compose box at the top of your Home timeline, or click the Tweet button in the navigation bar.

Can you post quotes on Twitter?

Make sure the quotes on Twitter are appropriate

While quotes can help you build your Twitter presence, they can also cause serious damage if you’re not careful about vetting both the quote and the author of the quote to ensure that there’s nothing controversial lurking there.

How do you make a private quote on Twitter?

In the text box, type the comment you want to add to your quote tweet. After you’re done writing your comment, select Tweet at the bottom of the Quote Tweet dialog box to post your quote tweet. That’s it!