How do I tweet my voice?

How do you put your voice on twitter?

Twitter Voice Tweets: How to use? While creating a new tweet, look for the waveform icon to select Voice Tweets and tap on the record button to begin recording. Each voice tweet captures up to 140 seconds of audio and should you cross that limit, Twitter will create a new thread and begin recording a second audio clip.

How do you make a voice tweet?

Create a voice tweet

Tap the waveform icon and hit the record button that shows up to start recording. Each voice tweet captures up to 140 seconds of audio. Once you reach the time limit for a tweet, a new voice tweet will automatically start and create a tweet thread for you to post.

How do I turn my microphone on for Twitter?

If you’re permitted to speak, at the top of the space your Twitter profile photo will display with “Speaker” underneath it. Tap on the microphone icon found at the bottom left of the screen to switch your audio on or off.

How do I get audio tweets?

To share a voice Tweet, open up the tweet composer. Then, tap on the wavelength icon to the left of the camera button. This will take you to a page with your profile photo and a record button beneath it. Hit record to start capturing your voice note tweet.

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How do I turn off microphone on Twitter?

To mute a speaker in a live Space, tap on the account’s profile photo, which will pull up an option menu. Tap Mute their mic and you will receive an in-app notification that will let you know the individual has been muted. You also have the option to mute all speakers in your Space at once.

How do you send audio on Twitter Iphone?

Open the Twitter app on iOS or Android. Tap on the envelope icon below to open DMs. Select the icon next to the text bar to record your voice message. Once you’re done just hit the send button.