Question: Should you follow your competitors on Instagram?

As a general rule, it is advisable not to interact with competitors over social media, especially not sharing their content. The rationale behind it is pretty simple – it has the potential to increase their reach, web clicks and their follower numbers.

Can you follow your competitors on Instagram?

Watching your competition on Instagram

If they’re interested in your competitor’s business, they might be interested in your offerings as well. Your competitors’ follower lists are like a ready-made target audience waiting just for you! Engaging with your competitors’ followers is easy.

Why should you follow your competitors on social media?

Protect Your Reputation

By following your rivals, you can easily find out if they are spreading lies about your business. If you do see inaccurate information being posted about your business online, you don’t necessarily want to get in a social media brawl with them.

Should you follow your customers on Instagram?

Follow Your Customers (Sometimes)

But you should still be conservative about how many of your customers you follow. If their content ties in closely to your brand and what you post, then it can be rewarding. But if they post a lot of content that is unrelated or inappropriate, you don’t need to follow them back.

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How do you steal your competitors on Instagram?

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  1. Identify Your Competitors.
  2. Ask Brand-Agnostic Accounts to Recommend Your Content.
  3. Identify Common Hashtags and Like Recent Content.
  4. Follow, Like, and Comment on Individual User Posts.
  5. Lurk Competitor Branded Hashtags and Poach Followers.
  6. Create Content Responses to Competitor Content.

Is it OK to follow competitors on LinkedIn?

Connecting with your competitors is a great way to gain greater understanding of your target market. Once you connect with a competitor you will be able to see all the people they are connected to. Some of your competitor’s connections will be clients, some will be prospects, and some will provide no value whatsoever.

How do competitors analyze social media?

How to do a competitive analysis on social media: a 4-step process

  1. Identify your competitive keywords. …
  2. Check who’s ranking for those keywords in Google. …
  3. Check who appears in social searches for those keywords. …
  4. Find out what similar brands your audience follows. …
  5. Choose up to 5 competitors to focus on. …
  6. Strengths. …
  7. Weaknesses.

How do you define competitors in business?

Business competition is the contest between organizations that provide similar products or services or that target the same audience of consumers. Businesses compete to convert and retain customers, increase revenue and gain more market share.

Is it rude not to follow back on Instagram?

Is it rude not to follow back on Instagram? No, it is not rude to follow back. It’s really on you if you truly want to follow another page. Whether it’s because you like their content or because they’re your friends.

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Should you follow customers on social media?

Follow your customers.

It’s a good way to engage with them and show them you care. It’s especially important to follow them if they’re closely aligned with your brand as it’s another way of showing potential customers that your business is the right business for them.

What businesses should not do on Instagram?

9 Instagram Business Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

  • Using Incomplete Bio: …
  • Not Responding to Your Followers: …
  • Posting Random or Poor Quality Image: …
  • Not Using Hashtags Properly: …
  • Posting Boring Content or Repetitive Content: …
  • Not posting regularly for your followers: …
  • Over Posting or Under Posting: …
  • Buying Followers:

How do I find my Instagram competitors?

In order to expand your Instagram community, find people that follow, like, and leave comments on the posts of your competitors.

  1. Open the Combin search tab and click Add New Search.
  2. Pick User Search.
  3. Select either the Followers or Commenters search type.
  4. Type in the Instagram username of your competitor.