How do you see who quoted your tweet if they are private?

How do you find out who quoted a tweet on private?

If someone with a private Twitter account quoted your tweet, you won’t see it unless you follow that person. If you don’t see a Quote Tweets option below your tweet, nobody has quoted your tweet. You can still click or tap Retweets to see a list of people who’ve retweeted your tweet without adding their own thoughts.

Can people see quote tweets on private?

If your account is private then only your approved followers can see them. Even if you quote tweet. They need to request to follow you and be accepted to see your tweets. They might see it, if they follow your follower who might likely retweet your tweets.

Can you see if a private account retweeted you?

If a private account likes or RT’s by tweets, they show up to me. Other people can’t see them, just me. I tested this by making one of my Twitter accounts private, both accounts don’t follow each other, but I can see likes from private account on my public account. Yes, they will get a notification.

How do I see quoted replies of a tweet?

To view the quoted replies for any Tweet, click on the Tweet and you’ll see a popup icon; click ‘Replies’ to view the quoted replies for that Tweet.

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How do I stop Twitter from retweeting my quotes?

You can turn off Retweets for a specific account if you don’t like what they share. Select Turn off Retweets from an account profile page to stop seeing Tweets they’ve Retweeted (tap the gear icon on iOS or click or tap the overflow icon on web and Android).

How do I see a private quote?

Go to the Tweet to which you want to see quoted replies to. Mention @QuotedRepiles. The handle will reply to you with a link containing all quoted replies to that particular Tweet.

What does priv QRT mean?

QRT or more often used Quote-tweet means you chose and option of quoting sb’s tweet and adding your words, thoughts, ideas, shout out to the original tweet. It’s considered a more thoughtful share than a RT (retweet) bc you take time to add your view, your thoughts to share sb else’s tweet / content /post.

What is a private quote retweet?

The Quote Tweet feature allows you to Tweet another person’s Tweet with your own comment added. About replies sent from accounts with protected Tweets. By protecting your Tweets (making them private), you’re telling us that you don’t want anyone to see any of your Tweets unless you’ve accepted their follow request.